7 Signs of Quality Gay Cam Sites

Make no mistake about it, if you are looking for live gay sex entertainment on the internet, you really have your work cut out for you. It would seem like finding live gay sex is not that big of a deal. It might seem like it’s a slam dunk considering the huge amount of dudes out there putting on gay webcam shows.


If you’re looking for a guy sucking off a stud or getting drilled up the ass, it may seem like you’re looking for something that is fairly common. It may seem like you’re looking for something that is easy to come by. But the problem is, of course, one of quantity versus quality.


While it’s true that there are lots of live gay sex feeds and streams available online, it’s also true that not all of them are good. In fact, it only takes a few minutes of checking out what’s available to come to the sad conclusion that a lot of them flat out suck. So if you are serious about finding the very best in live gay sex entertainment and live man on man entertainment, you really have to safeguard your time. Gay cam sites are the safe bet, but let’s though talk about the topic as a whole.


If you are like the typical busy person from all over the world, you understand and know full well that your time is at a premium. Time is a luxury. You probably have so many other things you could be doing than just basically slogging through one gay sex website after another. And it gets pretty boring really quickly. It gets old.


You have to get the maximum bang for every second of effort you put into looking for live gay sex. This is why you have to have standards. You really do. You can’t just look at this as a volume game.

You can’t think that just because you’ve seen one type of live gay sites, you’ve pretty much seen them all. No. If you think that way, you’re setting the bar too low and you’re really selling yourself short. You deserve the best. Allow yourself to believe that. Allow yourself to act like it because, otherwise, you’re just going to be settling. You’re just going to be settling for substandard man on man action featuring dudes who don’t know what the fuck they are doing using equipment that is laughable and everybody ends up just wasting their time.


If you want the very best in all male entertainment, you have to insist on the very best. This is why you need to pay attention to the following 8 hallmarks of high quality live gay sex entertainment. If too many of these factors are missing, get out of that website. You probably would be better off finding other sites. Do yourself a favor, save your time. Make sure you get maximum return on effort regardless of what you do online. Your time is precious. Once you spend a minute doing something, you’re not going to get that minute back.


Make the best use of your time by making sure that you only check out the very best live gay sex channels. Here are the 7 hallmarks of high quality, all-male live channels aka as gay webcams sites. 

Sign of First-Class user experience on gays webcams sites.


1. Great Selection of Dudes


You may not be big into looks, but if you’re looking for muscle guys or bears or twinks or any other type of male erotic entertainer, then you need to insist on selection.


Don’t assume some sort of beggar position where you basically will be thankful for whatever the live gay sex platform throws you. You’re not doing yourself any favors. You’re more valuable than that. You have a right to insist on the kind of dudes that turn you on.


So if you’re into twinks, make sure that there is enough selection on the website that you are considering. The same applies to any other type of gay “genre.” If you’re into older dudes, black guys, interracial, bears, you name it. You have to make sure that the guys presented actually fit the profile. Otherwise, you probably would be wasting your time.


2. Great Lighting


The action might be hot, the intensity might be overwhelming, but if the lighting sucks, all of that intensity and heat go out the window. The action might even feature really hot guys, but none of that matters if you can barely see anything. Insist on great lighting.


Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the lighting has to be exactly like GQ lighting, but the lighting in gay cam shows has to be good enough for you to fully enjoy the action.


3. Non-cluttered Settings


You’d be surprised as to how careless many producers of live gay sex shows are. They think that just because they featured two dudes going at it that the guys watching the footage wouldn’t really care about the background. Well, you have to understand that the background does take away from the action taking place in the foreground.


You might have these two hot dudes nailing each other with raw, relentless, unforgiving, intense, hot ferocity, but if you have trash all over the place or the camera angles are all fucked up, then it’s very easy for the visual “clutter” to get the better of the scene.

Tips for finding the best gay webcam shows.


4. The Guys are Really Into It


When you look at the footage of dudes nailing each other, sucking each other off, giving each other rim jobs, they have to be really into it. While it’s true that a lot of live gay sex stream performers are really straight guys who are just in it for the money, they have to at least look like they’re having a good time.


We’re not just talking about having a good time like somebody’s thinking about the payday at the end of the scene. No. They have to really get into it. They have to really get all excited. Now, this doesn’t mean that the guy has to be all smiles, sweet and all soft. No. A lot of guys are not into that. They’re looking for guys as in hard, man on man action. They guy looks intense and is really feeling it, but doesn’t go overboard. It’s kind of a bit of a tightrope, but you will get it when you see it.


5. Excellent Technique


There’s nothing more annoying than a guy banging another dude and it looks like he’s just basically stabbing somebody with his meat sword.


You have to understand that whether you’re giving or you’re receiving, it’s all about technique. It’s all about the motion in the ocean and, unfortunately, when you watch somebody basically having man on man sex like it’s a job, something gets lost in the translation. It’s not as hot as it could be and it’s all too forgettable.


The whole reason why guys watch live gay sex footage is to really get drawn into it. It is art at that level. And when it’s obvious that the person is basically just going through the motions, the lack of technique really gets in the way of everybody’s enjoyment of the scene. Gay webcam sites can be tons of fun if you can find a affordable and high quality place for gay cams chat.


6. Genuine Heat


You can tell if two guys are really into each other. Now, this doesn’t mean that they’re about to get married.  This doesn’t mean that they are boyfriends, but if they’re really into it and you see the eye contact, you see the hard contact and you see the raw intensity of the urgency of the moment, you can’t help but get excited. You can’t help but be drawn into the heat in the small screen in front of you. If you don’t see that, then you probably would be better off looking for other live gay sex platforms.

Comparing live gay sex entertainment sites takes time but it worth it.


7. Each Show is Different


Just as it’s annoying to see a performer go through the motions, it’s also annoying to see performers basically play out their roles according to some sort of template. Each show has to be different. If the show is not different, they you now you’re dealing with robotic performers. You probably would be better off doing something else. You would probably be better off spending your time going to another platform. You don’t want robotic performance. That’s not the kind of entertainment you’re looking for. Keep your eyes locked on the hallmarks listed above. The more of these hallmarks appear at a live gay sex platform, the higher the chance that that’s exactly the platform you need to hang out at.

Remember to bookmark the most transparent gay cam site reviews online as well and read the list of the Top Gay Cam Sites! This is a great resource to learn more about gay cam sites, see what each site offers, and get the latest prices and costs as well.

SuperMen Reviews – How Does it Stack Up?

SuperMen.com Reviews

Costs, Features, and more about SuperMen.com

Costs and Show Prices at SuperMen.com:

Supermen.com is a adult webcams site for gay men from a company called PussyCash. They were one of the first companies to offer high quality adult webcam sites and they are more than a decade old. They also operate ImLive a straight sex chat based webcam site. SuperMen.com is there leading live webcam site for gay men.

SuperMen button

AVERAGE PRICE PER MINUTE: $2.79 Per MinuteSupermen webcams

ImLive their other leading brand that is more popular with heterosexuals also does feature men if you prefer the design. They are very similar but SuperMen excludes females which makes sense of course because it is after all a gay cam site.

Features of SuperMen.com

  • Billing: SuperMen has super discreet billing and privacy is a big issue for many of you so you can rest easy knowing, ‘GAY WEBCAM SEX’ does not show on your bank statements. :-). The truth is you can’t even tell it’s entertainment or chat with the names they use and if your banker does know then maybe it’s time you two had lunch. Seriously though, no surprises.
  • Angles, you can see everything and even more than you want at times. Okay so not every guy has a clean room, but what matters to most of you is getting to see it all and that you can do with the SuperMen.com zoom featured.
  • Guys at SuperMen have a very Amatuer Feel. This is not the site for the polished pretty boy, at least not usually, these are often guys’ guys.
  • Save Your Favorite Cam Guys: SuperMen has a brilliant way to save your favorite gay guys for chats later, make sure to try it.
  • Search: Muscle guys, bears, twinks, this is the top gay cam site for selection and the 60 search parameters are awesome when you just want to browse and see what hot men are on webcams.

    If you are looking for chat with men on webcam who are gay that is what SuperMen.com offers.
    If you are looking for chat with men on webcam who are gay that is what SuperMen.com offers.
  • User Support: The live support here they have down to a science, the fact is millions of people use the site each month so they just have to keep their s—t in order. I once had a glitch on my end with not being able to see a model as in the screen was blank and I wrote support after being charged $9.00 and it was fuly refunded without hassle. I have no complaints at all about SuperMen.com.  As a matter of fact I still use this site about 3 times a week, maybe more in the dead of the winter.

SuperMen button

How many Gay Models are on SuperMen.com


Accoding the to the company statements at the site they say there are more than 10,000 gay men on webcams here, of course not at once but since they have had one of the most popular gay sex cams site for such a long time this has to be accurate.


From the propreitary features offers at this gay cams chat site to the value that is offered compared to other gay cams, it’s a top pick for sure. The free offer below you burn through pretty fast but it’s a good way to get your feet wet and see if you like the feel of the site. Our suggestion is to use some of the buttons on the private shows and get an idea about all the things you can do. When we first used this site some 4 years ago we were not aware of the depth of the features and once we got the hang of it and tested things out we realized there is alot more to SuperMen.com than meets the eye.

You can also check out ImLive Gay webcams here.

Or go Gay webcam site reviews comparison table here

SuperMen button

The Top 5 Gay Webcam Chat Sites…and WHY!

Gay webcams is a world all it’s own; speakly loosely it’s a fluid community that moves around as new cam platforms outdo the last. Oftentime its slow to respond to new technologies and the word of better payment packages for gay cam models is even slower to make the rounds. The biggest influencing factors appear to be traffic for the performers and traffic for the performers is often a good indicator of what users experience on that particular site.

The Users of Gay Webcam Chat Sites

We share the most popular gay chat sites.
We share the most popular gay chat sites.

Sure the community of people using gay sex chat sites is large numbering in the millions on an international scale, but once you try to pinpoint the top gay webcams site or most popular in the largest market which is the United States, then things start to come into focus much faster. The two truth’s most people who use gay webcams don’t know is, are as follows.

  • There are now over 3,000 gay live webcam sites in the world
  • 99% of those sites are operated under 4 or 5 unique platforms

Selection and End User Value with Gay Live Cams

Therfore, once you are aware of the fact that most all gay cam sites are in fact part of the 5 largest things really come into focus from a fact based perspective. Thus by comparing these 5 gay webcam sites and using a little bit of analytical reasoning then you can compare those underlining platforms and say for sure which gay webcam chats sites offer you the best deal as a user.

This article is not about the models. Some gay cam sites pay better and some pay less as far as the models go, we will save that for another day; but today we are merely discussing the user perspective. Where can I as a user have the best experience using gay webcam chat sites.

To that end, the bottom line comes down to the men; as in the raw number of men you can find on a gay webcams chatting site at any given time. That’s the selection offered by the site.

Lots of sites claim to be the best but REALLY which is the best gay cams site and WHY?
When someone say’s it’s the best site and you ask why, it often evokes this look, We share why.

Secondarily, the average price you will pay in the currency of the site should be the next and last factor; at least that is if it’s the best value you are after.

Many gay cam sites use tokens or credits, some of freemium while others are premium, some are post pay as in direct billing, others require you buy time before you use it. There are many different models and the prices can vary from up to $10.00 U.S.D. per minute to as little as $ .99 cents per minute.

Wow that was a mouthful, right? However, it was important for us to explain our considerations because unlike so many other gay webcam reviews sites, we strive to give you good guidance and information that is of use on this topic.

Now before I share the results of our experiences using all the so-called, top gay cam sites I want to preface it with our opinions on some industry shifts that we have seen happening as of late. Before I do that though, I need to also tell you all 5 of these sites are in-fact safe gay cam sites. There are no scams among sites we reference at GayWebcamSiteReviews.com.

we've taken extra care to omit any unverified gay cam sites here.
we’ve taken extra care to omit any unverified gay cam sites here.

We actually make it a point to avoid linking to gay webcam scam type sites. Therefore, we will share our opinions of shifts in the most popular gay webcam sites but we will remind you that those are just opinions and these top 5 webcam sites could easily rank slightly differently depending on personal preferences.

Without further ado, here are those shifts we speak of:

  • HunkPrivates has really not gained traction in the US nor really made a name for itself in Europe; at least not to the degree we think the platform had original hoped for. We credit this to a European feel in how the sites function.
  • Flirt4Free, most would agree as the best gay cam site for years has recently won another award as the top gay chat site, but there is alot of chatter from performers about what’s happening at SuperMen.com, another long established gay camming site.
  • SuperMen.com has recently added lots of male cam models and seems to be the sleeper right now as far as perhaps the best value for gay sex cams. Cam guys are talking alot about it and it seems their gaining users.
  • CameraBoys (review at that link) seems to have stayed the same, lots of cam guys that come and go. Good prices but not many superstar gay cam models to be seen there.
  • GayLiveWebcamTV.com (review at that link) seems to have gained some models as well as there are usually 100 or so gay guys on cam there when we visit, but it still still seems to trail behind SuperMen.com and Flirt4Free for having the dedicated gay feel to the site.5 Best Gay Webcam Sites

The Results are as follows for the best value. What we have done is ranked all the top gay cam sites, making it clear where we think you will see the most live webcam guys and also where your most apt to find the best deals or in other words, cheap gay webcams shows.

Ranking the Best Gay Webcam Chat Sites



Rank 1: Flirt4Free.com (review at that link)

Flirt4Free button


Rank 2: SuperMen.com (review at that link)

SuperMen button

Rank 3: CameraBoys (review at that link)

CameraBoys button

Rank 4: GayLiveWebcamTV.com (review at that link) A Streamate Platform Gay Cams Site

Streamate gay webcams button

Rank 5: ImLive.com (review at that link) – Try ImLive (gay version)

Read more of the reviews on other gay webcam chat sites here or check out the helpful comparison table.


PhoneMates.com Reviews

Is phonemates Legit or a Scam?

Costs, Features, and more about PhoneMates .com

Phonemates reviews
Phonemates reviews – from gay perspective

Please be aware phonemates.com is a straight first gay cams site. It’s mostly ladies on webcams and you can preview that experience here. Usually around 700 women on cam are live. Otherwise the mens feature pages are linked below. This review refers to the gay user experience on Phonmates.


Phonemates is a leading straight and gay live chat sites for adults over the age of 18 years old It is available in nearly every country in the world. It is a cobrand site of the main platforms and more widely known brand ImLive. Phonemates has a different feel and overall use experience. The site is used by millions and merely has a different color scheme and slight changes to navigation.

Average Cost Per Minute at Phonemates came in at $1.89. Of course your average will depend on what the guys you choose are charging. The great thing is, if you are price sensitive just stick to those in your price range. Some guys charge as little as 99 cents a minute in private as well which is another reason why I like this site over some of the more costly gay cam sites.

Screenshots of Hot Guy on Phonemates.com:

phonemates.com gay guys
phonemates.com gay guys

Features of Phonemates.com

  • How to pay: 
  • Quality of cams:
  • Things that stood out:
  • Getting Around:
  • Issues:

How many Gay Guys on Webcams Use PhoneMates.com?

As of late 2016 their is a spike of men using PhoneMates.com and the whole platform. This has not though as best we can tell lead to average pricing increases. While it is not a dedicated gay sex cams sites you can just stick to the guys on webcams page and never see the ladies. Finally, with around 100 men on at most times the selection of sexy guys on cams is still solid.


As far as other gay cams sites that are indentical that is what Phonemates.com stand out, as far as design and function it is one of a kind, no copy cat or clone sites exist.


Truth be told I really enjoy the color scheme and ease of use with Phonemates.com. If it were not for my preference of SuperMen I would use PhoneMates all the time. I’ve been using PhoneMates just to mix things up though more lately. Thumbs up overall.

You can try PhoneMates.com gay webcams by clicking here

…also consider reading the comparison table here