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Top Gay Cams Affiliate Programs

Our goal with this resource is to share the best gay live webcam affiliate programs for gay porn affiliates. We’ll be going over the business side of gay webcams for internet marketers and suggesting the best gay cam affiliate programs.

Best Gay Cams Affiliate Programs

What you have to keep in mind when selecting an offering for your audience as a webmaster is the best values for your customers. What we mean is suggesting or offering the best gay cam sites via the affiliate links or a white label version of that gay cams platform is always the best method to approach your gay cams affiliate marketing efforts.


3 Top Gay Webcam Affiliate Program Offers

To be honest the very best gay cam site conversions are currently coming from a totally free gay cams chat site called Chaturbate. The chaturbate gay cams affiliate program is not going to make you rich short term even with large traffic volumes, but the users are sticking to this gay cams site because they see value in the USP of Chaturbate. Therefore, this is a great place long term to focus on. We look at gay webcam marketing as a long term effort and we refer people to gay video chat sites that people really love to use and the fact is Chaturbate male webcams will be the best return on your investment dollar is you are looking for the best places to make money from gay internet traffic in 2019. Register of the gay webcam affiliate program at chaturbate, and watch the returns over time and compare them to the following 2nd and 3rd ranked top gay webcam affiliate programs.

best gay cam affiliate programs
Our #1 ranked best gay cam affiliate program is Chaturbate male cams based on the customer rebuy rates for tokens.
  • Chaturbate Gay Cams Affiliate Program takes about 10 minutes to register for and within a few days you will start to see sales from your traffic. Chaturbate also since its a newer adult cam site is very easy to get unique visitors to. If you have used gay webcam affiliate programs in the past you will note that some of the top gay cam affiliate programs seem to be saturated offers where users already have been cookied to a cam site or registered and so the traffic burn rate is high. That is not the case with this gay cams offer.

Register here: Chaturbate Affiliate Program

Other Great Gay Adult Cams Offers for Gay Traffic

The best gay cam sites for CONSUMERS are the best sites to promote!
The best gay cam sites for users are the best gay sites to promote; it;’s just common sense.
  • Flirt4Free has many affluent and big gay cams spenders and as a result some of the most discerning men often use this site. That said, this gay cams affiliate program has RADICALLY changed their affiliate program terms a few years back and now your referral you are NOT PAID for; for the life of that user. Instead the most recent link your user followed is instead credited it that user has not bought a show at Flirt4free in the past 90 days. That said, promote this gay cam site with caution as your bound to lose big gay cams spenders to other affiliates.

Flirt4Free Affiliate Program here.

  • CameraBoys, a popular gay webcams site has a very popular gay cams affiliate program. The thing with cameraboys affiliate program is this is a very high end gay cam site with mostly hd gay cams and tons of really awesome gay cams chat tools. Users who enjoy this gay webcam site tend to use it for literally years and keep earning you more money over time. TIP: Never take the PPS instead take a rev share split. You will make 10x more per user over the long term.

CameraBoys Affiliate Program(AWE)

In conclusion the way to make money with gay cams is to test your traffic sources and always monitor your stats as you make small changes. If you are considering becoming a male cam model also check out our guide on where to register as a male cam model.