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$1.99 - $4.99 per minute but costs are marked on each models page.

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On March 11, 2019
Last modified:March 20, 2019


First of all these are reviews from the perspective of gay men for but under the gay branded site called As stated in the full review this is a top ranked gay webcam site based on both value and selection. We share our own experiences in the expanded reviews below.

Jasmin platform is the single largest gay live sex chat site online these days and their site now gets more visitors than even YouPorn. First off let me explain why the Jasmin logo is missing above. We review gay webcam sites and so since Jasmin has a gay version called CameraBoys we will be discussing Jasmin from the gay perspective. Those of us who are gay will want to use the gay version. Before I get too far along in this reviews I should tell everyone to read the flirt4free reviews. That is a higher ranked gay webcam site for 2019.

Is CameraBoys Legit Gay Cam Site?

Costs, Features, and more about CameraBoys Gay Cam Site

cameraboys reviews


First, off my gay friends, this is a behemoth of a site with respect to traffic! Considering they get so much traffic it’s fairly clear that they are doing something right when it comes to their gay sex chat site. Again, the company behind Jasmin also operates CameraBoys which is a totally gay webcam site without ladies. It is the same as Jasmin but has no women which is what most gay men want. CameraBoys has become a powerhouse site among gay men and at any given time you can find hundreds of guys on cam here from all corners of the globe.

CameraBoys button

The gay version of Jasmin or LiveJasmin CameraBoys is a top gay webcam site.
The gay version of Jasmin or LiveJasmin CameraBoys is a top gay webcam site.

Features of  but a gay version: That is

  • Billing: Either brand you choose the same policies apply. Simple and fair priced packages for time allocations with the men you choose. Nothing is hidden making it easy to understand. You pay no membership fees and you buy packages then select which guys you can to chat with. It’s really that simple. There are loads of scams sites online and so that is what makes their billing practices so refreshing and what has lead to the widespread use of this platform.
  • HD: I am not sure why it is but gay men seem to be better at ensuring they have good webcams. Seriously, I have seen the ladies cam sites and fewer of them use HD webcams, while at least 51% of the men have great high speed connections here.
  • Favourite Features: Perhaps the best attribute to this gay sex cams site is the quick functions to save your favorite gay chat models.
  • Search: Find gay men on cam by nationality, height, age, and so much more.
  • Support: Rarely if ever did we have to use support and if so it was because we were doing Jasmin reviews or rather CameraBoys reviews… and so we needed to get very specific answers on a few items relating to using the site. However, the average or everyday user of Jasmin cams or CameraBoys will probably never even hit the support button. If you do, our response time which I suspect will be similar to your own experience was 1.5 hours. Afterwards, all our questions were answered.

How many Gay Cam Models are Jasmin / CameraBoys:

There are at least 6,000 and probably more gay guys using webcams here. Also in the gay webcam space, you often see a lot more amateurs and hobbyist guys doing it part-time and even customers freelancing on gay webcams. It’s a lot less commercial in that respect and can be a more fun experience.


Cameraboys Loadtime
Cameraboys Loadtime



Jasmin or in the case of gay men, CameraBoys there are no other gay webcam sites that are just the same. They do let marketers run their own brands though and so my recommendation is always to join from the main CameraBoys site versus a marketer run version of the site. This ensures the URL will always have the same user experience and program.

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Remember how above we discussed genuine content matching though and how niches really lead to the content shown on the site. CameraBoys also suffers the same flaw; when you visit mature thinking you are going to find older attractive gay men on cam, instead, you find 20-something gay guys on cam. It’s those small details only really experienced users of CameraBoys would know about and that is why we have had to rank of gay cams sites above this site. It’s fairly clear a gay guy is not in charge of product or website. That being said, it’s still lots of fun checking out the hot straight guys who are 99% of the time performing for gay men.


The Jasmin webcams but under the brand CameraBoys are really very widely known to gay men these days..and many do not realize it is the same site with just the men being featured on the gay version. The experiences here are top notch for gay guys and straight folks as well; there is a plentiful selection of gay models at all times, and it is a top live webcam site for gay men overall because of both price and selection. We really can’t ignore those facts. Are their things that can make it better? Sure, but nothing that really came to mind. It’s not free for private shows but this is a business after all and the prices here are quite good, to say the least! 

Detailed information about the live gay sex cams and chat site called
Detailed information about the live gay sex cams and chat site called

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