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Welcome to our page showcasing free offers for gay cams. It should come as no surprise to most of our readers that gay cam models are not working for free. Likewise, being a cam boy is no easy task. Sure, some gay webcam performers are just part-time male cam models but most guys who are camming these days understand that once you become a gay cam model your performances will inevitably be recorded and show up on some random free gay tube site for anyone to find at the most inconvenient time. Also it is important to understand that not only do the gay live streaming platforms have huge hosting bandwidth bills they also provide us a secure and age-verified way of connecting with other gay guys for live video chat.

Finally, guys on cam are pro’s and they are sharing their nude bodies online and their most private moments; so they should be compensated fairly. Having said that, everyone is entitled to shop for the best deals on gay cams and while free gay cams might be the stuff of legend; some gay video chat sites do offer inducements. This is the page where we share special offers from the most widely used gay cams websites.

Free Gay Cams is indeed a Myth

Myths aside, again our focus here at Gay Cams Guide is share the best deals for gay live webcams. Their are in fact some great deals to be had but it takes lots of searching and browsing gay sex cam sites to find them; which takes lots of time. We suggest you bookmark this page as we regularly update any special gay cams offers here. You’ll also be glad to know that we do publish offer from fly-by-night newbie gay live cams chat sites. Any special deals for gay live webcams posted here are strictly from sites which we use ourselves and have tested and offers reviews on as well.

Cheap Gay Webcams Shows (That’s Probably What you are After)

Therefore, we limit our free offers on gay cams to just the proven popular gay cam sites. Our list of the best gay cam sites ranks CameraBoys as the #2 overall gay sex cam site. Therefore, for any gay men who have not already set up a free gay cams chat account here, we offer the following link below which entitles a new users of gay cams to 10.99 in free credits at CameraBoys. As our CameraBoys reviews site shares this is a fun, secure, and popular gay live webcams platform. We have also tested this free credits for CameraBoys offer and it’s working just fine.


Here is a screenshot of the end gay streaming site CameraBoys where this offer leads to so you can see what it looks like as well. Typically at least 50 gay cam boys are working at all times of the day and night here.

BONUS: Learn the Lingo…These are the Types of Gay Cam Shows

  1. Gay Couples webcams – gay couples who broadcast on live webcams. Sites geared toward voyeurs. Less Interaction Usually.
  2. Cowboy Cams – Ride’m cowboy. Obvious country western men.
  3. Leather webcams – Leather fetish gay cam sites
  4. Daddy Cams – For those that like old dominant gay men
  5. Bears Cams – The hairy mans man gay cam sites
  6. Twink Cams – Young men who dress well, those are the types on guys on these website sites
  7. Hunk Cams – Muscular gym rat gay guys on cams are found on these sites

Remember to read our detailed and impartial gay cams reviews and if you are in a hurry just pop over to our list of the 5 best gay cam sites .