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Is hunkprivates Legit or a Scam?

Costs, Features, and more about hunkprivates .com

Updated June 13th 2016


Coming into last year this European platform was saying they were growing at light speed in Europe. Since then it is clear that has not happened and this gay webcam site is among the worst online with nearly zero active models.


Hence it is a total waste of your time. I strongly urge you to read the flirt4free reviews.

HunkPrivates nosedived in 2016 and has not rebounded. This site has very few gay or male cam models at the current time broadcasting and we have had to take it clear down to the bottom of our list of the top gay cam sites.

1. Price Structure.

2. Variety and amount of models.

Let me tell you more about HunkPrivates

Features of hunkprivates .com:

  • Billing: hunkprivates billing method is discreet so you know have a personal banker that gets the ebby jeebies when you come to the counter. (NOTE: You will find that is the case with most gay cam sites these days!)
  • HD: This featured of course depends on each performer. The site is High-Def enabled but the performer must have a HD connection/CAM to enable that.
  • Favorite Features: hunkprivates feature of which you can mark any model as a personal favorite then merely click on, ‘my favorites’ and see the full list.
  • Search: You can narrow down your gay cam search by more than 50 parameters.
  • Support: This site offers 24/7 live support and typical reply time-frames are 5-6 hours.
  • Categories are as follows:

How Male Cam Models are Usually Broadcasting:

The honest truth even though it must hurt is that it’s not enough to join yet. We saw less than a dozen guys online the last time we visited and today when we updated our reviews we saw literally just 5 male cam models were logged in. That makes this site a pass for us at the current time.


As far as gay sex cams sites like hunkprivates, it is a one-of-kind site. That being said that’s not a bad thing based on the user experience. I suggest you read the reviews for and / or our current top ranked gay cams chat site.


When you operate a gay cams site and have just a few models you cannot expect to achieve success or attract lots of customers until you tap into attracting enough gay cam models to the site. That is where falls short. Not to worry though, in the meantime there are many alternatives and we will update this review in early 2017 again. reviews: Bottom line is there are not enough performers here at the current time to join this site. It's not a good user experience yet. reviews: Bottom line is there are not enough performers here at the current time to join this site. It’s not a good user experience yet.

We suggest you re-visit the comparison table