So you are considering registering to use a live gay webcam site? Or perhaps you are already using one. Right? Or maybe you may have stumbled across this site while browsing related topics. Does that sound about right?

Which gay webcam sites can you trust?

Even if you already have found a gay cam site that you like, let me just share with you that as a gay cam site junkie, over the past three years I have spent thousands of dollars on live gay webcam sites ….SO LISTEN UP as I can offer you a lot of solid advice! (…remember I have no horse in this race, as in I only stand to gain when I offer solid information)

We tested and tried hundreds of gay webcam sites. See how they stacked up!
We tested & tried hundreds of gay webcam sites. See how they stacked up!

First off, we all know that online gay entertainment is the future of almost all gay adult entertainment. Gay strip clubs across the United States and the U.K. are already starting to feel the pinch…luckily for us gay men their were already very few of these catering to us anyways. The point is that even their numbers (in general) are dwindling. Live webcams (…and in our case gay webcams) are getting so popular that gay men as well as straight folks are staying at home and using the internet for adult entertainment.

Likewise gay porn sites and gay tubs are also seeing significant drops in traffic. That will only continue as more people finally make the switch to live gay shows. Sites of this nature (live webcams) simply can provide a more personal and intimate experience that is far more safe and clean. However, as the industry has matured over the past 5 or so years, not all the live gay webcam sites have recognized the RIGHT WAY of doing business. As a result that has kept many of you from discover gay webcams.


This is where my guide and our gay webcam site reviews can be of the most help. Even if you already have a, ‘go to cam site’ take a few minutes and leave reviews for that site and then see what others are saying about other live gay cam sites. As a gay community resource this helps everyone keep the sites honest and also learn from each others experiences!

PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES NOW TO PERUSE OUR SITE. Yes, it is still fairly new. However, over coming days and weeks we will be adding extensive resources based on years of research into gay webcam sites.

Our goal is simple:

We want to be your go to source to check on the best and worst gay webcam sites. In order to accomplish our goal we will call out gay live cam scams and we will give high accolades to the gay live cam sites that have earned them. It’s a no holds barred look into live gay webcam sites!

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