The Top 5 Gay Webcam Chat Sites…and WHY!

Gay webcams is a world all it’s own; speakly loosely it’s a fluid community that moves around as new cam platforms outdo the last. Oftentime its slow to respond to new technologies and the word of better payment packages for gay cam models is even slower to make the rounds. The biggest influencing factors appear to be traffic for the performers and traffic for the performers is often a good indicator of what users experience on that particular site.

The Users of Gay Webcam Chat Sites

We share the most popular gay chat sites.
We share the most popular gay chat sites.

Sure the community of people using gay sex chat sites is large numbering in the millions on an international scale, but once you try to pinpoint the top gay webcams site or most popular in the largest market which is the United States, then things start to come into focus much faster. The two truth’s most people who use gay webcams don’t know is, are as follows.

  • There are now over 3,000 gay live webcam sites in the world
  • 99% of those sites are operated under 4 or 5 unique platforms

Selection and End User Value with Gay Live Cams

Therfore, once you are aware of the fact that most all gay cam sites are in fact part of the 5 largest things really come into focus from a fact based perspective. Thus by comparing these 5 gay webcam sites and using a little bit of analytical reasoning then you can compare those underlining platforms and say for sure which gay webcam chats sites offer you the best deal as a user.

This article is not about the models. Some gay cam sites pay better and some pay less as far as the models go, we will save that for another day; but today we are merely discussing the user perspective. Where can I as a user have the best experience using gay webcam chat sites.

To that end, the bottom line comes down to the men; as in the raw number of men you can find on a gay webcams chatting site at any given time. That’s the selection offered by the site.

Lots of sites claim to be the best but REALLY which is the best gay cams site and WHY?
When someone say’s it’s the best site and you ask why, it often evokes this look, We share why.

Secondarily, the average price you will pay in the currency of the site should be the next and last factor; at least that is if it’s the best value you are after.

Many gay cam sites use tokens or credits, some of freemium while others are premium, some are post pay as in direct billing, others require you buy time before you use it. There are many different models and the prices can vary from up to $10.00 U.S.D. per minute to as little as $ .99 cents per minute.

Wow that was a mouthful, right? However, it was important for us to explain our considerations because unlike so many other gay webcam reviews sites, we strive to give you good guidance and information that is of use on this topic.

Now before I share the results of our experiences using all the so-called, top gay cam sites I want to preface it with our opinions on some industry shifts that we have seen happening as of late. Before I do that though, I need to also tell you all 5 of these sites are in-fact safe gay cam sites. There are no scams among sites we reference at

we've taken extra care to omit any unverified gay cam sites here.
we’ve taken extra care to omit any unverified gay cam sites here.

We actually make it a point to avoid linking to gay webcam scam type sites. Therefore, we will share our opinions of shifts in the most popular gay webcam sites but we will remind you that those are just opinions and these top 5 webcam sites could easily rank slightly differently depending on personal preferences.

Without further ado, here are those shifts we speak of:

  • HunkPrivates has really not gained traction in the US nor really made a name for itself in Europe; at least not to the degree we think the platform had original hoped for. We credit this to a European feel in how the sites function.
  • Flirt4Free, most would agree as the best gay cam site for years has recently won another award as the top gay chat site, but there is alot of chatter from performers about what’s happening at, another long established gay camming site.
  • has recently added lots of male cam models and seems to be the sleeper right now as far as perhaps the best value for gay sex cams. Cam guys are talking alot about it and it seems their gaining users.
  • CameraBoys (review at that link) seems to have stayed the same, lots of cam guys that come and go. Good prices but not many superstar gay cam models to be seen there.
  • (review at that link) seems to have gained some models as well as there are usually 100 or so gay guys on cam there when we visit, but it still still seems to trail behind and Flirt4Free for having the dedicated gay feel to the site.5 Best Gay Webcam Sites

The Results are as follows for the best value. What we have done is ranked all the top gay cam sites, making it clear where we think you will see the most live webcam guys and also where your most apt to find the best deals or in other words, cheap gay webcams shows.

Ranking the Best Gay Webcam Chat Sites



Rank 1: (review at that link)

Flirt4Free button


Rank 2: (review at that link)

SuperMen button

Rank 3: CameraBoys (review at that link)

CameraBoys button

Rank 4: (review at that link) A Streamate Platform Gay Cams Site

Streamate gay webcams button

Rank 5: (review at that link) – Try ImLive (gay version)

Read more of the reviews on other gay webcam chat sites here or check out the helpful comparison table.


GayLiveWebcams.TV reviews

Is Gay Live Webcams TV Legit or a Scam?

Costs, Features, and more for GayLiveWebcams.TV

Updated June 16th 2016

Safe or a scam?
Safe or a scam?


First off as a matter of full disclosure this site is powered by It is operated as a partnership and both sites are really one in the same.

Therefore, users should be made aware that you can access all the gay male cams on one site, just the same as you can on the other. Even your password and username works on both sites once you register on either.

However, what make GayLiveWebcams.TV more suited for gay guys who like to chat on live web webcams is the fact that it’s free of females and transgender models. That’s really a must for most REAL gay men!

If you haven’t yet heard the meme like term, ‘Gold Shows’ which I should say is now stuff of urban legend than you are missing out. Here is the scoop:

How Gay Gold Shows work:

So let’s talk about, ‘Gay Gold Shows’. All these are are group shows with a flat fee buy-in. There are green and yellow boxes.Gay Live Webcam TV Green say, ‘Online’ while yellow say, ‘Gold Show’. If you click on a performer that has the gold show box that means they are getting ready for a group show. Click on their image and then you can see what the flat fee buy in is. Typically it’s just $5.00 (USD). These gold gay webcams shows are just ways for men to save money using gay webcams and for the performers to make more. It’s really a win-win. Be advised the shows do get wild and a very graphic. 

Features of Gay Live Webcams TV:

  • Billing: Billing is discreet so you know have a personal banker that gets the ebby jeebies when you come to the counter. (NOTE: You will find that is the case with most gay cam sites these days!)
  • HD: This featured of course depends on each performer. The site is High-Def enabled but the performer must have a HD connection/CAM to enable that.
  • Favorite Features: This is a widely used feature of which you can mark any model as a personal favorite then merely click on, ‘my favorites’ and see the full list.
  • Search: You can narrow down your gay cam search by more than 50 parameters.
  • Support: This site offers 24/7 live support and typical reply time-frames are 5-6 hours.
  • Categories are as follows:
  1. Alternative
  2. Asian
  3. Athletic
  4. BDSM
  5. Bears
  6. Big Cock
  7. Bisexual
  8. Black4
  9. College
  10. Couples
  11. Daddy
  12. Gay
  13. Guy Next Door
  14. Latino
  15. Mature iv
  16. Muscle
  17. Straight
  18. Twinks
  19. Uncut

How many Gay Models are on this site:

There are more than 7,000 registered gay internet models here with more registering everyday. Typically there are between 400-500 at all times; so selection is never an issue.  A screenshot of one of the most popular gay webcam models for 2015, at least thus far is below.

JayMack is one of thousands of live guys on webcam at GayLiveWebcams.TV. Reviews in this article.
JayMack is one of thousands of live guys on webcam at GayLiveWebcams.TV.



Gay Live Webcams TV, is a one-of-kind site as far as it being purely live gay webcams powered on this platform. Other gay live webcam sites typically have females. Most gay men really prefer not to play second fiddle. That being said, 10-15% of the users here are actually women who like watching men masturbate. (YES, it’s true!)



If you are a guy looking to start making money as a gay internet model you can register here. All they require is that you are over 18 and have a high speed internet connection. What is unique to gay webcams it looks do not matter. You can be chubby, hair, or just plain ugly and they still still take you. Funny, right? I think so. Anyway, that is the link to get started as a gay webcam model and they can get you on all the top gay cam sites.


No, but I can suggest this platform here for marketing professionals wanting to start their own gay cam site.


Yes, there is an gay live webcams affiliate program which is located here here.



I had nothing but a great time checking out and testing this gay live webcam site. I was purely focused on the costs as well as the user experience. Their was very fast response times, a very detailed log off my past shows making it easy to skip back and find past models I interacted with, and a HUGE SELECTION. I also give the site kudos on LIGHTNING FAST LOAD TIMES as well as not having women on the site. Likewise, the fact that once you verify your age with a credit card there REALLY ARE NO HIDDEN FEES. Lastly, everything was very boldly marked so I could avoid any charges.