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Top 5 Gay Cams Sites (2019)

Maybe we are generalizing a bit, but in our humble opinion gay men seem more adept at following the latest technologies and the word of better cam model compensation or cheaper gay cam shows tends to travel fast both offline and on. Ultimately though, what leads any change in gay webcam site user trends is where the gay cam stars are broadcasting. The biggest influencing factors with male models on gay webcam sites appears to be the traffic their shows are getting. This is often a good indicator of what users experience are on that particular site; because without the stars a gay cam site is nothing but a ghost town. Thus gay cam performer & popularity tends to go hand in hand. As you will see below, this is illustrated in the rankings with our #1 and #2 ranked gay sex cam sites, and

The Best Gay Cams Sites Focus on their Talent

best gay cams
Featured model is is hoosierdaddy182 from Chaturbate male cams. This platform is now considered to be one of the best for male xxx cams.

The large and diverse community of gay men using gay sex chat sites numbers in the millions and is truly global. The National Bureau of Economic Research did a study that concluded 20% of people are attracted to their own sex. While we’re don’t think all of these people are visiting gay cam sites, what we can say is that as an example Alexa traffic stats for CameraBoys, one of the 5 best gay cam sites demonstrates our point that hundreds of thousands of users per minute are using gay webcam chat platforms.

The fact is we relied heavily, at least initially on raw traffic data to see which gay cam sites are the most popular and widely used. However, once we pinpointed the real top gay webcam site based on traffic and search volume things quickly came into focus by testing each site. First let me mention our bias; our determinations are based on USA users and traffic. So when we say a gay cams site is the most popular we are referring to in the largest gay webcams market; which is currently the United States followed by Germany. Remember our comparison table lists all the most popular gay cam sites.

Before I get into the list of the best gay cam sites I want to share two little known facts.

  • There are now over 6,380 gay live webcam sites in the world
  • 99% of those gay cam sites are operated under 4 or 5 unique gay and straight video chat platforms (yet the average gay guys who are not avid users of gay cam sites wouldn’t be able to tell based on looking at these websites)

…Now let’s talk about what gay men want in a same sex video chat site.

End User Value is what Patrons of Gay Live Cams Want

…and so our research came down to the details on the most visited gay webcam sites:

gay live webcams
Detailed comparisons on gay live webcams.

After we found the largest gay live webcams sites it really boiled down to doing some testing and research and just spending a lot of time using each of the top gay cam sites as well as documenting what our experiences were so we could compare notes afterwards. By comparing the 5 best gay webcam sites and using a little bit of analytical skills and logical reasoning we can now say for sure which gay webcams platforms are the most fun and frankly offer the best value per dollar spent.

Gay Cams Prices : Get the Best Prices for Gay Live Chat

Secondarily, prices for gay cams is a big consideration.

Many gay cam sites use tokens or credits and so it requires some math skills to really get to the bottom of costs of gay live webcam shows when a site does not just disclose clearly the prices in dollars per minute. There are also many different business models in the world of gay cams and we found that prices for gay cam shows can vary from up to $10.00 U.S.D. per minute to as little as $ .99 cents per minute. That is a huge gap between the cheapest gay webcams and most expensive and all the more reason to pay close attention to prices and read our gay cam reviews with costs in mind. For guys who are new to gay cams I can also suggest you read our gay cam deals page for the best prices on gay cams.

Ranking the 5 Best Gay Webcam Chat Sites

Rank 1 : Flirt4Free Tops the List of Gay Webcam Sites

best gay cam sites
Our list of the most popular and best gay cam sites.


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Rank 2: CameraBoys is an Wildly Popular Gay Sex Webcam Site

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Rank 3: Chaturbate is a Rising Star in Gay Cams Live Entertainment

Chaturbate male cams
Chaturbate male cams are all guys but both straight and gay.

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Rank # 4 Gay Live Webcams TV Easy to Understand Per Minute No Tokens

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Rank 5: Supermen Cams has some of the Cheapest Gay Sex Cams (but selection is limited)Supermen gay cams

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All of the top 15 sites are trusted and true original gay live chat sites where you can be assured you will get a reasonable return of value for your money spent. Obviously the higher the rank, the better the experience.


1. Much of the user experience (as far as look, feel, and navigation) does come down to personal preference.

2. Data such as total models is not always accurate due to the fact the best gay webcam sites are privately owned and much of the information available about the sites is based on estimates.

3. We may receive a commission if you end up following a link and buying any services from these sites via affiliate links.

The bottom line is that, CameraBoys and Chaturbate are top 3 gay cam sites. Honestly any one of the 3 could rank atop our list of the best gay sex cam sites for 2019. That being said, those who have used all the gay webcam sites will agree it’s still a place to find a revolving door of straight men doing shows for gay men. There’s certainly loads of fun to be had at any of these top ranked gay sex webcam sites. We all can also probably agree it is nice to have more than 1 go to good gay cam site so give all 5 a spin and see which one suits your tastes best. Also we always stay tuned into the latest free gay webcam shows offers for you.

Finally, read more about each of these and more gay cam sites in our gay cam reviews and check out the helpful gay cam sites comparison table.